Q2, Q3/2021

  • Researching the explosion of the NFTs market and especially NFTs Gaming
  • Building partnerships with KOLs, Investment Funds
  • Building a social network platform for all NFTs

August 2021

  • Researching beta version of NFTs social on Binance Smart Chain
  • Launching NFTs marketplace platform (similar to OpenSea)
  • Launching farming/staking platform
  • NFTs Farming
  • Cooperating with KOLs and media, 30,000 users in the first month of launching.

September 2021

  • NFTs launchpad
  • Upgrade version 2.0 for all platforms
  • Associate with major NFTs Gaming partners to spread social media to users.
  • Listing TOP 1 statistics pages

October 2021

  • Users can issue their tokens and price their own value on the Social platform


  • Beta Gaming, simple rules – high profits
  • Strengthening marketing and international cooperation


  • Listing exchange
  • Testing Mobile version on Android and IOS
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